Press Release 25/3 2014
Scanfiber Composites A/S protects new frigate from the Royal Danish Navy
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Press Release
Co-operative Agreement between Marine Alutech OY AB and Scanfiber Composites A/S
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​Customised protective solutions based on solid and rigid materials are branded with the name Scanguard. Examples are:

  • Scanguard add-on-armour for armoured vehicles made with a strike face of high grade ceramics or armoured steel
  • Scanguard spall liners made with high molecular weight polyethylene, aramide or fibre glass
  • Scanguard panels made with or without a hard strike face used for police shields, stand alone panels for protection of ringmounts, floor and side protection of aircrafts and soft skinned vehicles etc.
  • Scanguard panels for protection of buildings against explosion effects.

Main Office: Scanfiber Composites A/S • Niels Bohrs Vej 11 • DK-9870 Sindal • Denmark • Phone: +45 98 93 44 33 • Fax: +45 98 93 45

UK office: Scanfiber Composites UK Ltd. • Venture House, Arlington Square • Downshire Way, Bracknell

• RG12 1WA • United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 1344 887 530