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Press Release 2018-06-07
Scanfiber Composites A/S is part of an innovative cooperation between different companies
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Press Release 25/3 2014
Scanfiber Composites A/S protects new frigate from the Royal Danish Navy
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Scanfibers products have a broad range of applications, due to flexible and advanced fibre composites. The application areas ranges from military and law enforcement agencies such as Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and​Special Task Forces to civilian and humanitarian relief organizations.

Scanfibers light weight armour is primarily used in vehicles, ships or aircrafts where only a minimum additional weight is allowed in order to maintain higher loading capacity, less tear and maintenance costs, better maneuverability and acceleration and higher level of protection within the weight constrains of the vehicle. Often it is possible to reduce the weight of the armour to about 1/3 of the weight required by steel.

The principle behind fibre composites used as armour is a web of extremely strong and tough fibres glued together in a heating process. In the hot pressing process the high strength fibres and a matrix (glue) are transformed into a light weight panel. This transformation is an excellent protection against projectiles and fragments because of the damping effect the jointed fibers have and the high level of impact load they can absorb. Depending on the required level of ballistic protection, the composite panels can either be used alone or be combined with a strike surface based on either ceramics or ballistic steel in order to reach a very high level of protection. The purpose of the strike surface is to crush or blunt the projectile so that it can be more efficiently defeated by the backing composite panel.​

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